“Sales in our ultra-orphan drug category were a challenge due to the extremely limited market. In the year following adoption of 7 Triggers programming we saw an astounding 34% increase.



Are you crushing it? When you pitch, present, negotiate, or sell... Are you getting more YES than anyone you know?

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Morgan Stanley

Persuasion QuickStart Course

  •   LESSON 1 
    3 Secrets & Some Science

    Only recently did we learn how persuasion really works. Most people still don't know. 

  •   LESSON 2 
    The #1 Persuasion Fail

  •   LESSON 3 
    A Trigger at Work

    The best way to understand the power of a trigger in practice is to see one in action.

  •  LESSON 4  
    How to Activate Triggers

    Activating triggers isn't difficult. But practice and repetition is what leads to results.

  •  LESSON 5  
    How to Program Persuasion

    Great persuaders play the long game. It's more than just what can be read or said.

  •  LESSON 6  

    Sustain Persuasive Power

    In persuasive communication the devil is in the details. How to build a persuasion arsenal.



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I’ve consumed so many books and courses on sales and persuasion that you might call me something of an expert on the available content. 7 Triggers is the essential. It’s our go-to system, mandatory for my team.”

Dobin Buck


“When you're in a competitive category you need an edge. That's what 7 Triggers has done for us, and the results are indisputable. We build better relationships faster and consistently get more spend share.”

Chris Ryan

Business Insider

27% Above Projections Leads to Historic Win

When a large, well-known pharmaceutical company wanted to ramp up product sales, it conducted one of the first 7 Triggers training programs. Sales went through the roof, and two years later was the largest selling prescription drug in the world.

Largest Sale in Firm's 100 Year History

34% Boost in Sales Leads to $800M Acquisition

A small drug manufacturer's new head of sales hired a small team of very seasoned sales professionals who did well for a time, but once they had picked off the low-hanging fruit they started to stumble. They brought in 7 Triggers programming and within a year after hitting their market share wall their sales had jumped 34% – and the company was acquired for over 800 million dollars. 

These case studies are not unusual. We get reports from people all the time about how life-changing this simple, practical formula is to their careers and businesses.


I have dozens of my own stories of how so many of my accounts and projects would have been lost opportunities if it weren't for the ability to activate triggers to GET YES DECISIONS.

Now I want to help you boost your persuasive power and close more business with online courses and tools that make it fast and easy to add triggers to your selling arsenal.

After 10 years in the field, see what the sales professionals using our system have to say...

Lynn Howland

Amgen Pharmaceuticals

“The 7 Triggers has been a game-changer for us in both marketing and sales. It has been part of every new product and market rollout because it gets us to optimal messaging fast.”

Mike Iandolo

Cisco Systems

“7 Triggers has helped our businesses run more efficiently. By better encouraging willing compliance, the system helps our leadership get things done more quickly, more easily, and with better results.”

Mary Patterson

Horizon Pharmaceutical

“Sales in our ultra-orphan drug category were a challenge due to the extremely limited market. In the year following adoption of 7 Triggers programming we saw an astounding 34% increase.”

Look at those company names...

The above reviews (just a sampling) are not from random people or organizations no one's ever heard of, but from massively successful companies with the  resources to choose any program or system in the world...




Shouldn't you?

The 7 Triggers system has helped produce some of the biggest and fastest increases in sales, market share, and profitability for hundreds of organizations around the world.

Fewer Crickets. More Yes.

Almost anyone can get a yes decision with enough time, plenty of prospects, and the budgets to go after them. Or, you can learn and use what neuroscience proves actually works when it comes to persuasion, and get more yes faster. 


You always hear, "sales is a numbers game." You know why? Because

1. Most people don't know how to persuade, and

2. Some number of customers will always persuade themselves.


Are you crushing it? Do you get more yes than anyone you know?


You have a choice: You can keep wondering why some prospects never buy, or you can convert them to customers with The 7 Triggers to Yes.


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