And Bridge Any Communication Divide

  • Insider secrets from neuroscience that business leaders have been using to get their way in negotiations, selling and buying, hiring and team building, and much more. ($19.95 value) 

  • The 4 Persuader Profiles that predict your success – which one are you? Plus how to go from being a huckster / peddler to being a savvy influencer / pro persuader(see pg 22) 

  • The 5 things that MUST be in place before you can get a “yes”... especially online and in the new pandemic economy. You’re probably doing some of it already, but not all. (see pg 33) 

  • How to reduce buying friction by over 300%. It’s an easy trick once you understand this one fact about neurotransmitters in the brain. (see chart on pg 11) 

  • The #1 switch you can flip inside someone's mind to get them to really, really want to say, “YES!” You can learn it in under 2 minutes… and use it in all your communications. (It starts on pg 2… but the real key is on pg 7)

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How To Persuade Anyone of Anything and Bridge Any Communication Divide

The follow-on volume to the book that changed everything...

“Sales were on a steady increase, but took an almost vertical upward trajectory following implementation of the 7 Triggers. We’ve been using it ever since. We’re believers!”

Jim Smith

National Managed Care, AbbVie

“The 7 Triggers helped us sell our biggest account ever. Within weeks after completing the course and putting its techniques to use, we secured the largest single account transaction in the company’s 100 year history.”

Ernie Weeks

VP Sales, Utica National

“Outstanding! After years of persuading with reason and logic, the 7 Triggers showed us a much better, easier way to get results. Every meeting is now planned around these principles. This works!”

Thomas E. Hill

Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

About the Author

How To Persuade Anyone of Anything



From programming the media for AT&T's University of Sales Excellence to co-founding one of the world’s first digital marketing agencies featured on the cover of PC Magazine, Russell’s career passion has been persuasive customer communication. As brand strategist for IBM Global Services his clients included Samsonite, Key Bank, Dow Jones, and Newell-Rubbermaid. His own agency has produced media communications for Samsung, Ricoh, Verizon, St. Martin’s Press, Donna Karan, Steelcase, every major motion picture studio, and many others. Russell has headed up global training operations for The 7 Triggers to Yes for over six years.

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